Dear friends of GI Endoscopy,

A prerequisite to start and follow through the endoscopy training is to have a supportive trainer and mentor to help you through your endoscopy training.
So, here we are at the 4th edition of our training course Core Competency in Endoscopy Skills!
Our invited experts are experienced trainers, approachable and willing to support you.

This year Core Competency in Endoscopy Skills course is designed to introduce you to basic and advanced endoscopy skills.
Sessions within this course include:
• Hemostasis for variceal and non-variceal bleeding;
• Basic and Complicated Polypectomy/EMR – Deconstruct the approach to en-bloc and piecemeal cold and hot snare polypectomy;
• EUS FNA/FNB: basic tehnique of EUS FNA/FNB;
• EUS Collections Drainage using LAMS;
• Repair of Mucosal Defects: Endoscopic Closure of Gastrointestinal Perforations;

Malpractice actions arising from gastrointestinal endoscopic care most frequently reffer to improper performance of the procedure and errors in diagnosis. Virtually all claims alleging an iatrogenic injury involve perforation, which in principle should be defensible if proper informed consent is documented. Our course will summarizes the basic elements of a malpractice suit and the relationships between iatrogenic patient injury and malpractice suits. The allegations in malpractice claims against endoscopists will also be examined.

Also, very important is to develop the skills for choosing and optimizing further medical therapy according to the endoscopic diagnosis in both organic and functional digestive diseases.

Wrapping up, this year Core Competency in Endoscopy Skills course covers hands-on introduction to endoscopic devices, modules on core endoscopy skills, and topics such as the role of endoscopy, consent, patient centred care, risk assessment, specific descriptions of accessories required; standard training methods for the procedure; quality measures and objective parameters for competency; understanding electrocautery and complications.

Welcome to our course and let’s make the most of this learning opportunity together!

Dr. Ofelia Moșteanu


Dr. Teodora Atena Pop


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